Creative DIY Projects with Candy Corn

collage of items made with Candy Corn

Candy corn has been around for a long time (since the 1880s, in fact), but if Pinterest is any indication, its popularity has been surging in recent times. Or if that’s not convincing enough, according to the National Confectioners Association,…

Specialty Lighting Options for Halloween

spooky house with windows lit up and a scary sky

Specialty Halloween lights are a fantastic way to illuminate both your home and your yard on Halloween. There are lots of lights available in a range of shapes, sizes and colors and if you place them in the right positions…

Frightening Halloween Ghost Decorations

lady ghost in a spooky forest

Ghosts are one of the top Halloween symbols. They can be ghastly and frightening or even cute. They are one of the top Halloween symbols and they have stood the test of time. The idea of spirits roaming the Earth…

How To Make Simple Christmas Light Balls for Your Yard

image of a lightball

I just learned how to make some simple Christmas Light Balls for my yard. I know they have been popular and when I saw them I figured they were expensive. Then I thought I would see if it was a DIY project. I found this video and I see that they are really easy peasy and not too expensive either. I am going to make several of them in either thee different Christmas colors of red, white and green, or all three in multicolor lights.

Best Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes with Dividers

Best Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes with Dividers

The best Christmas ornament storage boxes come with dividers. That way each piece is protected from breakage. It is also easier to find them when they aren’t all jumbled up in a bag or box. It is so much easier to to find my decorations at the beginning of the season and put them away after. I label each one as to the type of decorations inside, so I can easily know what is where.

Baby’s First Christmas Personalized Ornaments

Baby’s First Christmas Personalized Ornaments

If you had a new addition to your family this year you need at least one baby’s first Christmas personalized ornament on your tree. And If you didn’t have one, perhaps a friend or relative added a bundle of joy to their lives. Remember these make a great gift too.

Easy DIY Furry Halloween Bat Decorations

silhouette of bat flying near a haunted house in oranges and blacks

This Furry Halloween DIY Bat may be cute and appealing, but it also has creepy eyes and authentic looking bat wings. This bat can be assembled within 30 minutes, so make bunches for your Halloween Decor. Since most of these…