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Castle Christmas Tree Ornaments

pretty castle on a hill

Since I love Castles I wondered if there were any cute castle ornaments for my tree. I guess so ! I found these six that I like. I have been to Neuschwanstein and Edinburgh Castles, as well as the Cinderella…

Cute Snowman Figures for Christmas

2 sets of snowman figures

A collection of Snowmen figures on one of your holiday tables is nice not only because they are usually really cute and colorful, but also since you can put them up early and leave them up late, since snowmen are…

Elegant Candle Centerpieces for Christmas

red candle centerpiece

Any of these lovely Christmas Candle Centerpieces would make an elegant and festive Christmas dining table display or a showcase piece on a fireplace mantel or sofa table. I usually make my holiday centerpieces, but this year I decided to…

Angel Christmas Tree Ornaments

Angel on a Christmas tree

I love angel ornaments for my Christmas tree. I sprinkle them about on my big main tree and have them in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Although I do also have some smaller themed trees for other parts of…

Clear Fillable Ornaments for Crafts

clear ornamentt in a christmas tree

I love using clear glass or plastic ornaments for my Christmas crafts as they are so versatile. I paint them, glitter them, fill them with stuff, wrap them, glue stuff on them, beribbon them and draw on them! I like…

Christmas Snowman Magnetic Mailbox Covers

Snowman on red mailbox

A magnetic cover for your mailbox done with a Snowman design is a quick and easy way to dress up your front driveway for Christmas. Not only is it good for the actual holiday time, but for all the entire winter season, so it does a double duty and you don’t have to change it so often. Obviously you need to have a rural type of mailbox to use these covers. I love these and use them for all different holidays and seasons. And they are quite reasonable in cost so when one fades, I get to buy a new one to replace it.

Animated Inflatable Christmas Yard Decorations

Animated Inflatable Christmas Yard Decorations

These five Animated Inflatable Christmas Decorations for your front yard will make an awesome display. These will turn any yard and home into a place of holiday wonder and awe. Best of all with these, you don’t have to start big. You can start small and build your collection each year. Of if you get a very large one that can be all you need.