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Clear Fillable Ornaments for Crafts

clear ornamentt in a christmas tree

I love using clear glass or plastic ornaments for my Christmas crafts as they are so versatile. I paint them, glitter them, fill them with stuff, wrap them, glue stuff on them, beribbon them and draw on them! I like…

Do-It-Yourself Ceramic Lighted Christmas Tree Kit

This Ceramic Christmas Tree is not only a great Do-It-Yourself decorating project, it also makes a great gift. I made one when I was young and this year my kids made one – with a bit of supervision of course! I know they will enjoy looking at at during the holidays. In fact now they both want one to use as a night light in their bedrooms after we take down the decorations.

Christmas Tree Cake Pans

Christmas Tree Cake Pans

If you love to bake during the holidays, try one of these Christmas Tree Pans to bake a beautiful holiday Cake for the centerpiece of your sweets table. If you enjoy making and decorating them as gifts, or possibly a pot luck, the disposable set is very useful.

How To Make Simple Christmas Light Balls for Your Yard

image of a lightball

I just learned how to make some simple Christmas Light Balls for my yard. I know they have been popular and when I saw them I figured they were expensive. Then I thought I would see if it was a DIY project. I found this video and I see that they are really easy peasy and not too expensive either. I am going to make several of them in either thee different Christmas colors of red, white and green, or all three in multicolor lights.

How to Make a 3D Star Christmas Tree Topper

How To Make a 3-D Star Christmas Tree Topper

In the past I have bought toppers and when I got them home they were too heavy or too tall for my tree. By making your own Star Topper you can make the size you need. And it is light weight too. You can paint it any color to match your color scheme for the year. This is an inexpensive project, so you could make a different one for each year to change the look of your tree.I think making a light weight topper like this is a great idea.

How To Make Delicious Wassail

How To Make A Delicious Wassail for Christmas

This Wassail Punch is easy to make, especially using the slow cooker. The ingredients are readily available and there is not much preparation. Mainly you just need several hours to let it simmer. You can serve it either warm or cold, so it can be made ahead of time.

How to Make a Simple Mesh Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

Learn how to make this Simple Mesh Christmas Wreath easily and quickly. This is an easy project. Maybe not quite easy enough to do with your young kids, though. This post and video will give you step-by-step instructions on what materials you need and how to put them together. When you are finished you will have an awesome Christmas decoration to hang on your door.