How To Make Simple Christmas Light Balls for Your Yard

How To Make Simple Christmas Light Balls for Your YardI just learned how to make some simple Christmas Light Balls for my yard. I know they have been popular and when I saw them I figured they were expensive. Then I thought I would see if it was a DIY project. I found this video and I see that they are really easy peasy and not too expensive either. I am going to make several of them in either thee different Christmas colors of red, white and green, or all three in multicolor lights.

Supplies Needed

Chicken Wire
String of 100 Mini LED Christmas Lights
Wire Cutters

Step by Step Instructions

Measure and cut the chicken wire
Bring the two cut edges together to form a cylinder
Join by twisting the cut ends together
Turn wire cylinder on end and start folding sections in, in a triangular shape, as shown on video
When finished wind any cut edges together if needed
Repeat steps 3 and 4 on other end of cylinder
Pull and Push the cylinder shape until it is a nice round ball
Insert the plug end of the lights into the ball and back out to make it easy to plug in
Wind the string of lights around the ball, spacing it evenly
If you have more than one string, connect the second string and repeat the wrap (Use about 1 foot of string for every 2 feet of ball diameter)
Plug in and voila!

This project really looks easy to complete. The hardest part may be getting the chicken wire into a nice round shape.I like the fact that I can choose the colors and sizes I want. I figure three different sizes in a cluster in my yard will really look nice. I also like the idea that these are not only easy to make, but easy to display. I don’t have to hang wires from the gutters or wrap them around a tree. I’ll just put thse in the yard and plug them in!

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