How To Make Delicious Wassail

How To Make Delicious WassailWassail is a traditional Christmas punch dating back to before the Middle Ages. Lords of the manor would give the peasants food and drink to wish them good will and give them blessings during the holidays. There was also singing while sharing the food and drink.

Nowadays we have carried on some of the the Tradition by making a punch with similar ingredients. We also may sing while drinking it, but it is more likely to be Carols.

Supplies Needed

Large Slow Cooker
Large Punch Bowl Set with Bowl, Cups and Ladle
Apple Cider
Cranberry Juice
Whole Cloves
Cinnamon Sticks
Rum (optional)

Step by Step Instructions

Put all ingredients into the slow cooker
Bring to a boil on HIGH
Reduce heat to LOW
Simmer about 3 hours
Double the recipe if you have a large Slow Cooker and punch Bowl

This Wassail Punch is easy to make, especially using the slow cooker. The ingredients are readily available and there is not much preparation. Mainly you just need several hours to let it simmer. You can serve it either warm or cold, so it can be made ahead of time. This would be a great addition to your Christmas dinner. I would make it early Christmas morning and it will be ready and warm for a drink and toast before dinner.

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