How to Make a Simple Mesh Christmas Wreath

How to Make a Simple Mesh Christmas WreathLearn how to make this Simple Mesh Christmas Wreath easily and quickly. I always love making decorations and it is even better if it is an easy project. Maybe not quite easy enough to do with your young kids, though. This post and video will give you step-by-step instructions on what materials you need and how to put them together. When you are finished you will have an awesome Christmas decoration to hang on your door. Or maybe you will put it above your fireplace.

Supplies Needed

18 inch green wire wreath frame
Dark Green Glitter Mesh 21" Wide
1 package of Chenille Stems (also called pipe cleaners) in a matching color
Small ornaments, picks, holly, or other decorations of your choice
Glue gun and hot glue

Step by Step Instructions

Fold a pipe cleaner in half and insert it along one of the outside wires of the wreath frame
Twist it together once or twice like a twist tie
Continue adding pipe cleaners along the entire outside rim
Place the pipe cleaners the same way along the inner edge
Gather the mesh along the 21” edge
Staple the edge gathering together to hold it
Place the gathered edge into one of the outer edge pipe cleaners
Gather and pinch together more mesh about 10” farther along and insert in the next pipe cleaner and secure
Continue along the entire outer edge
Curl pipe cleaners over a pencil as shown
To finish the outer edge overlap the last gather onto the first gather.
Repeat this process on the inner wire edge
Repeat until finished
Cut the mesh when finished, leaving about an inch excess and tuck the excess into the back of the mesh
Stretch and open each loop to make this fuller
Decorate your wreath with inexpensive decorations, small ornaments, picks, bows, etc
Use a hot glue gun to secure the decorations to the wreath

This will be a fairly easy project, and you should be pleased at the outcome. These are so popular now so it will be nice to have one in your decoration inventory. And if they go out of style it isn't the end of the world since the materials are relatively inexpensive and it is easy to make.

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