How to Make a 3D Star Christmas Tree Topper

How to Make a 3D Star Christmas Tree TopperThis 3D Star Topper is easy to make and will look beautiful on your Christmas Tree. You can make it in gold and/or silver. But you can also paint it a color to harmonize with your color scheme. I decided to do a blue and silver color scheme this year, so those are the two colors of metallic paint I will use. I still have to decide between blue or silver glitter. Maybe I will use a bit of both.

Supplies Needed

Silver Shimmer Metallic Spray Paint
Shaker top Silver Glitter
Square pieces of card stock paper
Magazine or newspaper
Elmers glue
Paint brush
Small bowl

Step by Step Instructions

Fold card stock in half
Fold diagonally several times as shown in the video
Unfold and form ridges as shown
Reinforce any final edges as shown in the video
Put star on second sheet of card stock paper
Trace around edges of star on each piece
Mark the top of star
Cut out the traced area with 1 cm extra all around
Cut off the tips os each star point
Cut small grooves at inside star points
Fold in along the tracing lines
Tuck star in and make adjustments
Cut a small hole at bottom of each piece where it will be put on the tree
Tape all edges together
Cut out small strips from a newspaper or magazine
Mix Elmer’s glue and water in a small bowl
Dip the strips into the glue mixture
Place strips of paper on the star to reinforce it, especially on the seams
Let paper mache dry
Spray with a first color of paint
Let dry (about 15 minutes)
Spray second coat of spray pain
Let dry
Apply 2 coats to the back as well
Let dry
Apply Elmer’s glue with a small paintbrush on one half of star
Sprinkle glitter
Repeat glue and glitter on the other half of the star.
Let dry several hours
Put on the top of your tree

When you look at all the steps in the instructions it looks like a difficult project. But it is mainly making simple folds like the video shows. The paper mache, painting and glitter are all very easy to do.

In the past I have bought toppers and when I got them home they were too heavy or too tall for my tree. By making your own topper you can make the size you need. And it is light weight too.

You can paint it any color to match your color scheme for the year. This is an inexpensive project, so you could make a different one for each year to change the look of your tree.I think making a light weight topper like this is a great idea.

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