Best Table Top Christmas Trees with Lights

I have several Table Top Christmas Trees, many of them with lights. Since I already have several that are full size, I started getting smaller ones so I wouldn’t end up with my house looking like a forest.

I like to mass some of the small ones together, and others stand alone in a special place. I have lots of horizontal areas to decorate, so I never seem to run out of places to put them and other decorations, such as my collection of Santa Clauses, and Snow People, and more. I guess you get the idea.

I chose each one of these five for a different reason. I like to make sure they serve a particular need. I wanted a smaller one, a larger plain one, and something for the dining room table centerpiece. The set of three Acrylic caught my eye for the centerpiece at Christmas dinner. And of course the Thomas Kinkade one was not on my radar at all, but when I saw it I had to have it for my office table.

Set of 3 Table Top Christmas Trees with Lights & Ornaments
Set of 3 Table Top Christmas Trees with Lights & Ornaments

I love this set of Acrylic Christmas Trees. Not do they have colorful lights, but painted decorations as well. They are painted to look like icy white crystal evergreens. Since they use batteries, there is no need for a cord. With no cord and featuring 3 different sizes, they will make a lovely centerpiece feature for my Christmas dinner.

Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree with Lights, 11
Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree with Lights, 11" high

Many years ago my uncle made ceramic a Christmas tree for me. I loved it and have a place in my heart for it. I hadn’t collected any more ceramic trees since this one was special to me. But then I saw this vintage Green Table Top tree and decided my tree needed a "friend". So I am buying it and put them both on a table together. My other one is white and larger than this 11" green one, so they should look good together

18" Lighted Christmas Tree for a Table Top

This cute lighted Christmas tree is 18" high and is decorated with glass ornaments, tiny wrapped gifts, candy canes and gold beaded garland. It uses batteries for the lights, so no cord is needed, which gives it more flexibility on where to put it. I always like to have a couple of green trees with ornaments already on them as then I can spend more time on those that need more decorating.

24" Fir Christmas Tree with 35 Clear Lights

I always like to have one or two plain green Christmas trees with lights that I can decorate from my collection of miniature ornaments. Or sometimes I just leave them pain to stand out among the other more colorful trees on table tops. This tree is a bit larger than many at 24” and 18” wide, so it will deserve some ornies and a table of its own.

Animated Table Top Christmas Tree With Lights and Train
Animated Table Top Christmas Tree With Lights and Train

This Thomas Kinkade Table Top Animated Christmas Tree, called Wonderland Express, has a train and it lights up when it moves. There are 4 levels of rotating train movement and it also has lighted buildings and figures. This is a way pricier tree than I usually get, but when I saw it I fell in love with it. I have decided to put it in my office as the only tree where it doesn’t have to compete with all the other trees in the house.

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