Large Santa Claus Figures

Large Santa Claus FiguresDecorate your home with one or more wonderful large Santa Claus figures. I have four now, so I am ready to get another one this year

Here is a decorating tip: Group them together in a pleasing arrangement for a BIG decorating impact. Use different sizes, colors and poses, and place them at different heights.

With a group of six or seven you can make a real holiday decorating statement. Six or seven of them is my goal.

36" Standing Santa Christmas Figure with Presents and Gift Bag

18" Woodland-Inspired Standing Santa Claus with Teddy Bear and Lantern

24" Rustic Lodge Santa Claus with Gifts Christmas Figure

19" Snowy White & Silver Standing Santa Christmas Figure with Skis and Lantern

20" Battery Operated Musical Santa Claus Figure with LED Lighted Christmas Scene

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