Tinkerbell Christmas Tree Ornaments

I have lots of Tinker Bell ornaments on my Christmas tree since am a big fan. I just love her expressions and attitude about life in general. So of course she deserves a place in my holiday decorations. I actually display some of them year round in my curio cabinet.

I also like other Disney characters and have many Disney figurines and ornaments both in my curio cabinet and on my Christmas Tree. But since Tinker Bell is my favorite Disney character, I have one shelf pretty much devoted to her and plenty on my tree too.

If you are a fan, or even if you just love her feisty attitude like I do, then you should have at least a couple of them in your decorations. I am choosing at least two of these to add to my collection.

 Tinkerbell sitting with Spool of Thread Tree OrnamentCheck Price on Amazon Tinker Bell looking into a mirror ornamentCheck Price on Amazon Tinkerbell Sitting on a Christmas BoxCheck Price on Amazon Tinkerbell Wrapped in Christmas Lights OrnamentCheck Price on Amazon Tinkerbell as a fairy Christmas Tree OrnamentCheck Price on Amazon Tinkerbell Sitting On a Heart Shaped Box OrnamentCheck Price on Amazon

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