How To Make String Glitter Christmas Ornaments

Why not make a few Glitter Ornaments for Christmas out of string or yarn? They are fast and easy and inexpensive to make. What could be better? And you can make them in any color you want. Just use colors to match your holiday color scheme.



  • Blow up the Ballon the size you want the ornament to be
  • Tie the string or yarn around the top of the balloon
  • Pull it tight and wind it around the balloon
  • Stop winding when it looks the way you want
  • Cut the end when finished winding
  • Tuck the end under another string and tie a knot
  • Pour the Mod Podge into a bowlApply the Mod Podge to the balloon with a foam paint brush
  • Make sure the sting is wet everywhere
  • When you finish, apply glitter using the second bowl to catch excess
  • Dry overnight
  • Cut the balloon through one of the areas bare of string
  • Push the balloon away from the string on the inside of the string
  • Clip the top of the balloon off
  • Pull the ballon out through an opening in the string
  • Attach string or yarn for hanging on the tree

This is such an easy and fun way to get lots of tree decorations. If you love a tree with homemade or more casual decorations, I think these fill the bill for that.